Edisto Dog Spa Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

At Edisto Dog Spa, we make the safety and comfort of your dog our top priority. Our mobile unit is fully self contained with state of the art equipment. 

The benefits of mobile grooming are many, but here are a few key points:

1. Convenience
Why load a dirty dog into your clean car, drive 30 minutes (one way) and then drop your dog off to spend the rest of the day with strangers.  We come to you—at your convenience, in an environment that is familiar to your dog. 

2. Sanitation
Mobile grooming is a truly one-on-one experience. While in our care, your dog will receive my undivided attention. No more dirty cages full of germs or exposure to the potential diseases of other animals. 

3. Less Stress

Many dogs become quite stressed during the ride to the groomers. It is quite understandable since they will be spending the rest of the day in a very noisy salon filled with barking dogs and loud dryers. Mobile grooming is particularly beneficial to older pets and those prone to separation anxiety. 

4. Safety and comfort

Our mobile unit is fully self contained with the latest state of the art equipment, designed with the safety and comfort of your dog in mind. A walk-in stainless steel tub, fully adjustable electric table, hot water, heat and air conditioning all assure that your pet is just as comfy as in his own home.